Expert's Perspective on Google Marketing Live 2024

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TL;DR Google Marketing Live 2024 announced several updates. Ads are being tested in AI Overviews for U.S. users. A dynamic ad experience with AI-powered recommendations is under testing. Profit optimization is launching for PMax and Standard Shopping campaigns. Asset-level reporting is coming to PMax. Audience lists of 100 users can now be used for lookalike segments in Demand Gen. Google Ads Data Manager is now globally available. Updates on new Shopping ads formats and YouTube Ads were also shared.

Expert's Perspective on Google Marketing Live 2024

Google Marketing Live 2024 Coverage

This year's event has brought many exciting updates and innovations that promise to reshape the landscape of digital advertising.

Google Marketing Live 2024 highlighted AI's role in various updates, focusing on creatives, data, and consumer-centric Search results. From AI-driven ad placements and dynamic recommendations to profit optimization and enhanced reporting tools, Google continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in marketing technology.

Let's delve into this year's event's key announcements and expert insights.

The Google Performance Max upgrade enables mass AI creative asset production for Performance Max campaigns. Generative AI will facilitate faster ad creation, brand-customized ads, advanced image editing, and automatic showcasing of product feeds in AI-generated creatives.

  • Google introduced immersive, AI-powered Shopping Ads. Retailers can integrate short-form product videos into ads, use virtual try-ons for fit visualization, and 3D show spins, allowing consumers to engage with products virtually before landing on the page.

  • Google's visual storytelling has advanced for YouTube, Discover, and Gmail. Through demand generation campaigns, advertisers can target potential customers with vertical videos, stickers, and automatically generated animated image ads across these platforms.

  • Google is testing ads in AI overviews. Relevant Search and Shopping ads will appear in “sponsored” sections within AI-generated overview boxes on the SERP.

  • Google has given merchants new brand profiles and AI branding tools. These tools help showcase brands and create visual content.

  • Google is testing AI-powered ads for complex purchases. AI will provide tailored advice and recommendations based on user needs and context.

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Here are 7 of the key announcements from #GML2024:

🌟 Search Ads with AI-Powered Recommendations: A new dynamic ad experience is being tested. It allows users to upload photos and receive tailored recommendations for storage solutions, including unit size and packing supplies.


🌟 Profit Optimization in Performance and Standard Shopping Campaigns: Smart Bidding can optimize for profit using cart-level conversions and COGS data, allowing seamless switching between revenue and profit goals.

🌟 Asset-Level Reporting and Brand Guidelines for Performance Max: Users will soon have asset-level reporting with conversion metrics and the ability to set and adjust brand colours and fonts for creative assets.

🌟 Reduced Audience List Requirements: Audience lists of just 100 users can now be used for lookalike segments in Demand Gen campaigns, down from the previous 1,000 users.

🌟 Demand Gen will be available in Search Ads 360 and Display & Video 360 in the coming months.


🌟 Google’s first-party data unification Ads Data Manager is now available to all. It centralizes and activates first-party data for more effective AI-powered campaigns.

🌟 Google's Marketing Mix Model (MMM) Meridian will roll out globally later this year.

More updates, including new Shopping ad formats and YouTube Ads updates, are available in keynotes.

Expert Perspectives

Annelies Pijffers notables Google Shopping Ads update is introducing a 360-view feature for shoes in Shopping ads. This feature leverages AI to create a 3D spin from provided product images.

Additionally, Shopping ads will automatically surface critical product information and positive highlights from customer reviews.


Jyll Saskin Gales highlights several insights:

  • Standard Shopping may not be eligible for AI Overview placements.
  • The trend towards visual and AI search suggests the decline of keyword-based campaigns.
  • Delays in feature rollouts might be linked to Google's internal challenges.
  • Google's new features aim to compete with social media and marketplace ad platforms.
  • Limited updates for B2B and Lead Gen advertisers.


Nicolas Villeneuve shares key takeaways include the emphasis on Gen AI, availability timelines for new features, and the importance of profit optimization over revenue generation.

image.png He also notices notable advancements in the Performance Max Assets Report and the "Power Pair" combination of Broad, Smart Bidding, and PMax.


Kirk Williams emphasizes the significance of exact match terms and the potential benefits of relaxing Low Search Volume limits, especially for SMBs.


Thomas Eccel some of the most exciting times for the audience were when Google announced new features for Performance Max, including placement reporting and exclusions for YouTube videos, asset-level reporting, and profit goals at the campaign level.


Lars Maat also shares mixed feelings about the event, noting the enthusiasm for more reporting and control in Performance Max reflects recent trends.


Brainlabs' Analysis:

Jeremy Hull and Alessandro Creso provide a detailed analysis of the announcements, focusing on their implications for the industry. [Read full article]



The audience showed the most enthusiasm for more reporting and control in Performance Max, indicating a demand for increased transparency and control in Google's advertising tools.

The 2024 Google Marketing Live event highlighted several key trends and updates.

  • The shift towards visual and AI searches could signal a decline in keyword-based campaigns.
  • Google's product teams appear to be struggling to keep pace with their launch schedules, particularly when compared to competitors like OpenAI. Despite the numerous updates, Google Ads seems to place less emphasis on B2B and Lead Generation.
  • Nonetheless, Google is making a strong push to capture social media and marketplace ad dollars with innovative features such as Google Lens Search and Circle to Search.
  • Google's substantial investment in Gen AI, with around 30 new AI integrations, showcases its commitment to advancing advertising technology.
  • Additionally, new features like placement reporting and exclusions for YouTube videos in Performance Max, along with asset-level reporting and profit goals, are promising developments for advertisers.


Google Marketing Live 2024 introduced several significant updates, including AI integration, dynamic ad experiences, profit optimization, and improved reporting. These changes reflect Google's ongoing efforts to enhance ad effectiveness and user experience.

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