Amazon's New Social Attribution: Seamless Checkout on Facebook and Instagram Now Possible

May 09, 2024 at 11:13:42 AM

Amazon's New Social Attribution: Seamless Checkout on Facebook and Instagram Now Possible

Amazon has successfully integrated social attribution, allowing consumers to link their Amazon and Instagram/Facebook accounts for direct checkout on social media. This development is significant as it resolves the long-standing issue of attribution from social media sites when directing traffic to Amazon. The collaboration between Amazon and Meta (and Snap) enables the checkout process on the social site, circumventing privacy concerns and achieving accurate attribution.

The author anticipates that brands will soon be able to retarget shoppers via Sponsored Display and DSP with precise attribution. This would enable tracking a customer's journey from a Facebook ad to an Amazon purchase and subsequently serve them highly targeted web ads. This development is an improvement and a significant shift in e-commerce, with Amazon spearheading the move towards seamless checkout anywhere.

Brands on Amazon now have a range of new opportunities to explore. They can accurately track sales attributed to social media efforts and retarget shoppers across Amazon's vast ad network, which can be transformative for their business. To best use this potential, the author advises brands to strategize their social media presence and consider using social ads directed to Amazon. Any emerging retargeting capabilities should also be closely monitored as they could provide a strategic advantage.


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