Amazon Launches Sponsored TV Ads in UK

July 10, 2024 at 9:14:26 AM

TL;DR Amazon has introduced Sponsored TV ads in the UK, currently in beta, mirroring its success in the US. Sponsored TV allows brands to advertise on streaming services like Freevee and Twitch using Amazon's data to target viewers. Available to sellers in the Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, agencies, and US brands, some categories like health and personal care are ineligible. Benefits include large audience access, targeted ads, and reaching customers on the largest screen in the home.

Amazon Launches Sponsored TV Ads in UK

Amazon has expanded its advertising offerings in the United Kingdom with the introduction of Sponsored TV ads, currently in beta. This new platform mirrors the successful implementation in the US market, providing brands with fresh avenues to reach their target audiences.

What is Sponsored TV?

Sponsored TV is a self-service advertising solution that allows brands to showcase their products on streaming services like Freevee and Twitch. Leveraging Amazon's vast first-party shopping and streaming data, these ads aim to connect brands with the right viewers at optimal times.

Eligibility Criteria

The service is available to:

  • Sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry
  • Vendors (including book vendors and publishers)
  • Agencies and technology providers

Notably, businesses that don't sell on Amazon can also participate in this beta program, opening up opportunities for a wide range of industries.

Product Restrictions

While the platform is broadly accessible, some product categories are currently ineligible for advertising, including:

  • Health and personal care items
  • Adult products
  • Used or refurbished goods
  • Products in closed categories

Benefits for Advertisers

Sponsored TV offers several advantages:

  1. Access to a large audience through streaming platforms
  2. Targeted advertising based on Amazon's extensive data
  3. Opportunity to reach customers on the "largest screen in the home"

Interested brands should review Amazon's guidelines and acceptance policies for a comprehensive understanding of permitted and prohibited categories before launching their campaigns.

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