Files Complaint Against Google Over Privacy Sandbox Dark Patterns

June 14, 2024 at 3:19:42 AM Files Complaint Against Google Over Privacy Sandbox Dark Patterns has filed a complaint against Google regarding the use of dark patterns in its Privacy Sandbox. The complaint highlights several key issues:

Tracking User Behavior

The Privacy Sandbox, marketed as a privacy tool, still tracks users' web browsing history. The Chrome browser itself monitors user behavior and categorizes users into nearly 500 advertising topics based on the websites they visit. Advertisers can then query these topics to display targeted ads.

Misleading Consent

Google allegedly misrepresented the Sandbox API as a privacy feature to manipulate user consent. Users were led to believe that their browser was protecting them from tracking, whereas it was actually facilitating it.

Transparency and Proof

The complaint demands that Google disclose the consent rates for the Sandbox API and any A/B testing results. This is to verify whether Google provided transparent information to users or intentionally misled them.

For more details, refer to the full complaint from source below.

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- files a complaint against Google over dark patterns in its Privacy Sandbox. The Sandbox API tracks users' web br... Visit Source Open external source URL

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